Sketch Shorts

Dollar General Exchanges
Hair Extensions at the Dollar General?
That smells nasty
Ever cooked cabbabe in the office microwave?
Driven to Distraction
Where did the time go?
Power of Dance
Learn the moves that will
intensify your relationships
Get free texts
YouTube How-To Video
Julias World Cafe
Brought to you by
the Chamber of Commerce
Local Living
Local Living TV host, Kanada Jones
interviews DIY blogger, Katheryn Right
The trials of dating.

Nebrasca and Iowha

Episode 1: The Guestlist
Ever dated a musician?
Episode 2: The Interview
Etsy Shoppes
Ep. 3: Confessions
of a Teenage Girl

Episode 4: Je ne me sens pas bien
Episode 5: The Office
Mom's Office
Episode 6: The Rat and Weasel
Episode 7: The Caseworker
DHHS visit
Episode 8: Raise the Roof

PSA and Animations


Miss Gnett Courtroom

Miss Gnett Courtroom Stenographer
sketch-- live performance
PSA for the Chapel Hill
Fire Department

PSA for Chapel Hill Fire Department
video PSA
Is your boyfriend a keeper or
throw back?

parody - animation
Kinetic Painting
brushes animataion
itouch animation
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